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Last updated: October 25, 2023

At, we value the privacy and user experience of our visitors. This Cookie Policy explains how we use cookies and similar technologies to provide a personalized and secure browsing experience on our website. By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies as outlined in this policy.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by a web server when you access our website. They store certain information that can be used to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalized recommendations and services. Some cookies are necessary for the functionality of the website, while others are optional and can be managed according to your preferences.

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How We Use Cookies

We utilize cookies on our website for various purposes:

1. Analytical Cookies: These cookies collect data about how visitors interact with our website. They help us to improve the website’s performance and provide better content by understanding what interests our visitors.

2. Security Cookies: Security is a priority at These cookies help to ensure the safety of your data and protect our website from unauthorized access.

3. Advertising Cookies:
These cookies are used to deliver relevant ads and evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. They also enable remarketing efforts to provide you with ads that are tailored to your interests.

4. Navigation Cookies: Navigation cookies ensure a user-friendly experience by understanding how visitors navigate through our website and making necessary adjustments for ease of use.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

You can control the use of cookies through the settings of your web browser. Here’s how you can manage cookies on different browsers:
• Firefox: Access “Private Browsing” settings and manage cookie settings here.
• Chrome: Use “Incognito” mode and manage cookie settings here.
• Internet Explorer: Utilize “InPrivate” browsing and manage cookie settings here.
• Safari: Access “Private Browsing” and manage cookie settings here.

For more detailed information on managing cookies, or to learn how to disable or remove them, visit Additionally, certain third-party advertising networks, including Google, allow users to opt out or customize preferences associated with internet browsing. Learn more about Google's feature here.

Changes to This Cookie Policy

We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect changes in legal or regulatory obligations or changes in the manner in which we deal with cookies. We encourage you to review this policy periodically to stay informed about our use of cookies.

Business Purposes:

We utilize your data for data analysis, identifying usage trends, and evaluating the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns to enhance our Services and your experience.

Cookies in Connection with Our Services

Besides the cookies used on our website, we may employ cookies and other tracking technologies in conjunction with your access and use of our products and services.

Third-Party Service Providers:

We may share your data with third-party vendors, service providers, contractors, or agents who perform services for us or on our behalf.

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