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Artemy Lebedev is a prominent Russian designer, founder of the 'Artemy Lebedev Studio'. He's known for his unique approach to design and for his popular blog. Lebedev has been influential in the design education scene in Russia, often sharing insights and critiques that have shaped the industry.

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Artemy Lebedev


From Russia with Design: The Artemy Lebedev Story

  1. Early Life and Education: Artemy Lebedev was born on February 13, 1975, into a family of intellectuals. He lived in the United States with his parents for a time but returned to Russia after completing high school. He briefly attended the Journalism Faculty of Moscow State University but did not complete his studies.
  2. Family Background: He is the son of writer and public intellectual Tatyana Tolstaya and is a member of the renowned Russian Tolstoy family.
  3. Entrepreneurial Beginnings: Lebedev's business career began in 1992. He initially worked in publishing, website creation and promotion, and the development of corporate logos and trademarks.
  4. Art. Lebedev Studio: In 1995, he founded Art. Lebedev Studio, a prominent design company in Russia, specializing in web design, graphic design, and industrial design.
  5. Notable Clients: Despite his young age and lack of formal experience, Lebedev quickly gained the trust of major clients like Microsoft, Yandex, and Euroset.
  6. Invention of the Optimus Keyboard: Lebedev was part of the creative team that developed the Optimus keyboard, showcasing his inventive skills alongside his entrepreneurial spirit.
  7. World Traveller: Lebedev is one of the few people globally, and the only Russian, to have visited every country in the world, as per The Best Travelled Master List.
  8. Personal Life: Artemy Lebedev had five wives over his life and has a total of ten children, all from his marriages.
  9. Blogging and Public Persona: Lebedev is also known for his active blogging, where he expresses provocative views often accompanied by the use of obscene language.

Artemy Lebedev

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