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Jenna Kutcher is an entrepreneur, photographer, and podcast host. She's known for her photography business and her podcast, 'The Goal Digger Podcast', where she shares business insights and interviews other entrepreneurs. Jenna also offers online courses and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Ten Fascinating Facts About Jenna Kutcher: Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Role Model

Jenna Kutcher is an accomplished entrepreneur, podcaster, educator, photographer, and author, known for her influence and expertise in marketing and business development. Here are 10 facts about her:

1. Kutcher is a bestselling author and hosts the #1 Marketing Podcast in the country.

2. She began her career journey with a $300 Craigslist camera, which led to building her seven-figure empire.

3. Jenna started as an entrepreneur selling lemonade as a child in Minnesota.

4. Her mission includes empowering women, busting myths about balance, and redefining beauty standards.

5. She is the CEO of a multi-million dollar business.

6. Jenna considers the title of 'Role Model' as a significant part of her identity.

7. Her book "How Are You, Really?" offers an engaging, conversation-like experience.

8. Her career in the wedding photography industry began with a blog and escalated to shooting numerous weddings annually.

9. Kutcher experienced significant growth and milestones in her career, including winning the Wisconsin Bride Best of Weddings award, hitting six figures, launching her first online course, starting the Goal Digger Podcast, and experiencing personal challenges.

10. She achieved major milestones like viral internet fame, becoming an Aerie Real Role Model, hitting 50 million podcast downloads, writing her first book, and appearing on The Today Show.

«There are a lot of people that I respect, but there are few people in this market that I would choose to spend my personal time with.
Jenna is not only an amazing teacher and one of the top marketers online, but more importantly, she’s the type of person that when you spend time with her, actually inspires you to a become a better person as well.»

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Jenna Kutcher

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