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Margulan Seissembai, born on November 2, 1966, is a celebrated businessman and investor hailing from Kazakhstan. He embarked on his business voyage shortly after completing his education, and over the years, he has founded and managed various enterprises encompassing different sectors like telecommunications, agriculture, and financial holdings. His educational contributions are marked by his co-founding and patronage of the private English school, Haileybury Almaty, and his membership in Kazakhstan's Club of Patrons, alongside owning the educational platform, a venture aimed at promoting knowledge and self-development. Away from the business limelight, Seissembai dedicates his time to sharing life, business, and investment insights through his YouTube channel. He also introduces viewers to the Kaizen planning methodology, a Japanese philosophy for continuous improvement, intending to inspire and guide individuals towards achieving their goals. His journey from a billionaire to facing financial calamity and rising again showcases a narrative of resilience, adaptability, and unyielding dedication towards his ventures and the broader goal of societal enlightenment and self-improvement.

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Margulan Seissembai


Self-Made «Phoenix» Billionaire

Margulan Kaliyevich Seisembayev (Kazakh: Margulan Kalili Seisembayev), also known as Margulan Seisembay, is the founder of, a Kazakh investor, public figure and businessman.

Shareholder of more than 100 companies. Philanthropist. Ex-billionaire. Wanted by Interpol.

One of the wisest men of our time.

Margulan Seissembai

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