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Patrick Bet-David


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Patrick Bet-David is an entrepreneur, author, and the founder of PHP Agency, a financial services company. He's best known for his YouTube channel 'Valuetainment', where he offers business advice and interviews successful entrepreneurs and personalities.

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Patrick Bet-David


Ray Dalio Author, «Principles»

«Patrick is one of the most exciting thinkers I’ve had the chance to converse with.»

Kevin Hart Actor, Comedian

«Patrick is one of the most driven, goal-oriented individuals that I have ever met. What he has done has inspired so many, including myself. I am not only a friend, I am a fan.»

Robert Greene Author, «48 Laws of Power»

«Patrick is unusual because he’s highly successful business person but he’s also a thinker... Plato would’ve called him a philosopher king.»

Steve Wozniak Co-Founder of Apple

«I believe in and follow Patrick Bet-David. He has the drive and the fire to make a difference.»

Robert Kiyosaki Author, «Poor Dad, Rich Dad»

«As a veteran himself, Patrick has a teaching style and a story that are now inspiring other veterans...»

Patrick Bet-David

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